A meditation app for everyday business breakthroughs

Invite moments of intentional reflection into the workplace to strengthen team bonds, spark innovative breakthroughs, and enhance collaborative productivity.

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Make mindfulness part of your team success routine

Harness the power of group meditation to inspire business breakthroughs and improve team cohesion
  • Meditation Meetings

    30 or 60 min meeting focused on meditation as primary tool for brainstorming, creativity, and problem solving
  • Solo Meditations

    10 to 20 min guided meditations on business topics that users can do by themselves to solve a specific need
  • Icebreakers

    1 to 10 minute meeting starters to set intentions, reduce stress, bring focus, and foster collaboration
  • Closers

    1 to 10 minute meeting closers to capture key takeaways, clarity on next steps, and visualize achieving goals/tasks

Because Your Company Deserves the Best

Teamfulness is an audio library of guided business meditations on everyday work-related issues that employees choose based on what they need at that moment. 

App teamfulness

Teamfulness Library

We offer guided meditations on business topics

  • Meditation library

    Focus on your business needs

    Our meditatin library offers different business topics to help your company thrive. We offer a broad range of themes from creativity and conflict resolution to destress. 

  • Meditation sessions

    All Sessions on Your Hand

    Choose a meditation session that fits your focus. Our content library is growing and built for breakthroughs.

  • Meditation meeting

    Schedule new sessions

    Easily schedule new meditation sessions for your teams. Decide amongst the variety of sessions depending on focus, need, and purpose

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