A meditation app for everyday business breakthroughs

Invite moments of intentional reflection into the workplace to strengthen team bonds, spark innovative breakthroughs, and enhance collaborative productivity.

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Make mindfulness part of your team success routine.

  • Harness the power of group meditation to inspire business breakthroughs and improve team cohesion.
  • For Teams

    Stronger bonds and more authentic connections leading to stronger trust, communication, and engagement.

  • Solo

    Renewed energy and insights leading to enhanced focus and improved decision making- all while reducing burnout.

ROI of Team Meditation

We've seen a 200 percent return on investment, 6.5% greater employee engagement, 13.8% improved focus, 6.9% better communication, and 5.2% better collaboration.

John Alen, Co-founder & CMO

We gained an estimated 11-to-1 return on its investment in mindfulness training, quantified as a $6.3 million positive impact on the bottom line.

Bob Musk, Chief Designer
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